Cadet Leadership


Cadet Staff Positions

Battalion Commander/ Special Teams Commander c/LTC Nguyen
S1 (Personnel) c/CPT Villafuerte S2 (Intelligence Officer) c/CPT Pohl S3 (Operations Officer) c/MAJ Hoevel S4 (Supply Officer) c/CPT Coppula S6 (Signal Officer) c/CPT Costello
Master Fitness Trainer c/CPT Parra PAO (Public Affairs Officer) c/CPT Carr Special Teams Trainer c/CPT Cokinis SERVE Coordinator c/CPT Johnson Color Guard Trainer c/1LT Caudel
Assistant Master of Fitness c/CPT Rybarczyk Assistant to the PAO c/CPT Radwan Valor Coordinator c/1SG Cardona
Bravo Company Commander c/CPT Escutia
Company Executive Officer c/1LT Caudel Company First Sergeant c/1SG Cardona
First Platoon Leader c/2LT Lewandowski Second Platoon Leader c/2LT Valenzuela