• Ranger Challenge

    Ranger Challenge is a group of events completed with a 5, or 9 man team. Some of the events include: bridge building, a grenade assault course, an army physical fitness test, and a 10 mile road march, and a mystery event. The Ranger Challenge competition is always evolving to provide more of a challenge for our elite cadets. This will build teamwork which is required of all soldiers.ROTC_RC2ROTC_rc1

  • Ranger Buddy Challenge

    Similar to Ranger Challenge, but this is a 2 man event in which schools send their best cadets to compete with other schools across the region, to test their skills and find out which school is the best. In the past there has been slots awarded for Air Assault and Airborne School for the winning team. ROTC_rb2 ROTC_rb1

  • Army 10 Miler

    The Army 10 Miler is the official Army run hosted in Washington, D.C., cadets meeting the running standards have the opportunity to try out to run in the event with cadre and other cadets from the school. This is a paid trip to D.C. which allows you with down time to go out and explore the nations capital. ROTC_atm2 ROTC_atm1

  • The Bataan Memorial Death March

    This event honors a special group of World War II heroes. These brave soldiers were responsible for the defense of the islands of Luzon, Corregidor and the harbor defense forts of the Philippines. This is a 26.2 mile 35lbs ruck march in beautiful White Sands, New Mexico. ROTC_bdm2 ROTC_bdm1

  • Norwegian Ruck March

    This event is a ruck event similar to the Bataan Death March, but the event is conducted at the host university. The distance is 18.6 miles with a 25lbs rucksack. ROTC_nrm2 ROTC_nrm1

  • German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

    The decoration is awarded to and worn by German soldiers of all ranks. Allied soldiers may also be awarded the badge, subject to their nations’ uniform regulations. In the United States Army, the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency is one of several hundred foreign awards approved for wear on the uniform. To be awarded this badge you must complete a basic fitness test, pistol qualification, swim test, and a ruck march. ROTC_german1 ROTC_german2

  • Color Guard

    The University Illinois at Chicago ROTC Color Guard participates with the universities attached to our program in a variety of university and civic functions. Presentation of our Nations Flags often takes place at Sporting Events. ROTC_cg2 ROTC_cg

  • Advanced Special Skills Qualification Training

    Advanced Course students and select Basic Course students may participate in selected Army training schools: Airborne, Air Assault, and Northern Warfare. ROTC_aa1 rotc_rappel

  • Field Training

    Even if you choose not to participate in the Ranger Challenge, you will have plenty of physical training. In Army Field Training you will practice land navigation, small unit tactics, and patrolling. ROTC_lnleadlab ROTC_landnav

  • Leader's Training Course (LTC)

    This course is for those college students who want to complete Army ROTC training in two years. To qualify, you must complete a challenging and motivating 28-day training program at Fort Knox, Kentucky. ROTC_ltc1 ROTC_lnleadlab

  • Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program

    Immersion into foreign cultures exposes Cadets to the realities that other countries have vastly different lifestyles, economic standing and world perspective. Cadet travel in small groups led by senior leader cadre. Trips typically incorporate approximately 20 cadets and a cadre member traveling in conjunction with a civilian agency or non-government agency. ROTC_culp2 ROTC_culp1

  • Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) and Drill Cadet Leader Training (DCLT)

    These programs offer leadership opportunities at military installations which put the cadet into a Platoon leadership position in an active duty unit. These platoon leadership positions typically have a 3-4 week duration depending on the hosting unit, and location. Cadets are assigned to a unit mentor, typically an officer in the PL, XO, or CO position, and are assigned on or off-post lodging and meals via the post dining facility. This is paid training which is designed for cadets to attend before or after completion of LDAC. ROTC_dclt2 ROTC_dclt

  • Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC)

    LDAC also know as Operation Warrior Forge is the capstone event for contracted cadets. Now held at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The purpose of this course is to train U.S. Army Cadets to Army standards, to develop their leadership skills, and to evaluate their officer potential. Successful completion of LDAC is a prerequisite to becoming an Army officer through ROTC. ROTC_LDAC2 ROTC_LDAC


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