c/LTC Ramirez, John

Major: History 

Minor: Latin American and Latino Studies

Why I joined: I joined Army ROTC to be involved in college. I had initially thought about enlisting and upon looking for information and looking at colleges I decided to do Army ROTC at UIC. I also joined because this country gave my parents an opportunity to live in this country as they were migrants, by serving I am giving back to the country that has already given my parents a shot at the American Dream.

Favorite thing about ROTC that I have done so far: I would say that my favorite thing about ROTC is the many opportunities that the program offers, by far my favorite is doing Bataan Memorial Death March twice. Participating in a marathon (26.2 miles) while carrying 35 pounds in a ruck, sounds crazy and insane to people, but completing this twice surrounded by 7 other cadets and a cadre member is an amazing experience! Doing so has led me to run other marathons without without weight and make running two marathons a year a lifelong goal.

Accomplishments/ awards: Chicago Marathon Volunteer (2013,2015), Military Ball Fundraising NCOIC (2013), Chicago Marathon (2014), CULP: Chile (2014), Bataan Memorial Death March, New Mexico (2014, 2015), CIET (2015), Military Excellence Award (2013), Tawani Scholarship (2013), Scottish Right Award (2015)