CDT Scarano

Major: Architecture

Why did I join?
I always had a deep respect and interest in the military, and in my freshman I wanted take a stand against those who would do bad things to good people anywhere in the world. Serving the military is about putting your country first and defend those who live here. To some ROTC is a way to pay for college and simply that, in my case the money wasn’t the deciding factor. College wasn’t an option in my family it was mandatory so through ROTC I could fulfill my parents wishes of going to college and still be able to serve my county.

Favorite thing:
My favorite thing that I have done was competing in ranger challenge with nine of my peers, Throughout the weekend I remember thinking to myself “what was i thinking when I sign up to do this?” but through all the miles of rucking, the sore muscles, MREs and the cold we finished it and it brought me closer with my peers who went, I felt that it showed all of us our strengths and weakness and how we can work together to get through them.

 Ranger Challenge 9 man team
, GAFPB Silver (2014), 
Being placed in a platoon Leadership position, Competing in the Sapper Challenge, Receiving a 2 year ROTC Scholarship, Dean’s List

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