CDT Victoria

Major: Architecture

As an enlisted service member I felt that I had a higher calling leadership wise. Definitely not putting down our enlisted members for they are the backbone of the Armed Forces. But being able to lead a group of soldiers at a younger age would better prepare me to avoid as many mistakes that could happen both in my professional and personal life. I know that as a leader and the right tools I not only can be smarter, resilient, and more competitive individual, but I can push my soldiers to strive to be the best as well. Joining ROTC has certainly given me the tools and resources to be a more disciplined and trained individual.

“Some where someone is training harder than you, they are preparing to be better & stronger than you”

Being part of Ranger challenge 2015 showed me that though times are hard, weather is not the best, muscles are reaching failure, and you look to your brother also going through the same situation makes you want to push yourself and the team harder than what both they and yourself can expect from each other. Being the person to motivate when times are hard and helping others get motivated is the best experience that you can get, when you see everyone is on the same page and working hand in hand no matter the situation.

Accomplishments: Ranger challenge (2012, 2015), Ranger Buddy (2013), Iron Cadet 1st place Team (2015)

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