Weekly Schedule

What does a cadet's weekly schedule look like?

As a Fire Battalion cadet/student, you will be part of a large team of UIC students and many other students who make up the battalion. These cadets are individuals who have committed themselves to National Service, in training to be Soldiers and future leaders. Our freshman cadets begin their academic lives as part of the Army ROTC (MILS) 101 and 102 courses which teach new cadets what the military is about. You and your fellow cadets will meet three mornings per week for physical training, and every Thursday you will attend a leadership lab which teaches lower level cadets army skills, while the senior cadets provide the instruction and build competency as leaders. This chart shows what the normal expectation is for a cadet. Each cadet will take ONE military science class per week, and ONE military history course is required before graduation. Keep in mind each university may be slightly different in their class times.


0630-0745 Physical Training (PT) 0630-0745 Physical Training (PT) 0600-0720 Leadership Lab (LL) 0630-0745 Physical Training (PT)
0730-0800 BN Staff Meeting (Senior Cadet Leadership Only)
1545-1700 Freshman/Sophomore Class 1530-1800 Junior Class
1700-1900 Senior Class

*Often classes are adjusted to fit a students busy schedule.

As a student/cadet, you will find that there is, literally, an “Army” of students, cadre members, and academic experts standing by to ensure your academic experience at your respective school is the best it can be. Your college grades play a huge role in determining your future in the Army after graduation. So the Fire Battalion is set-up with that in mind. Our priority for you as a cadet/student is:

Grade Point Average – Academic success is essential in your pursuit of becoming an officer in the United States Army.

Physical Fitness – The Fire Battalion prides itself in creating physically fit leaders. Our physical fitness program will set you up to “lead from the front” in all physical endeavors.

Building your personal character over your time in college to mold you into being a moral and ethical leader of men and women.

If you are interested in joining the ROTC and becoming part of the greatest team that you will ever have the opportunity to serve then please visit our ‘How to Join’ page.